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Queen Iretta made her way to Chicago at a young age.Staying in Chicago most of her young life,She met and married Johnie B. Sanders in 1986.Queen Iretta has been singing and performing with Johnie B. Sanders ever since.Queen Iretta,Well known around Chicago, Minnesota, and now in Jackson Ms.,Makes a statement anywhere she sings. 

A southern girl who carries a deep rich Delta tone, rooted out of Mississippi,With a voice that is gusty and growling.In Chicago she started sitting in on jams with the Johnie B.Sanders Blues Band,Where her and her husband played lots of bars and clubs.Johnie B.Was under a contract with Mary Lane a full week and he couldn't make the gig that was booked for them.So,Johnie B.Got his band to play this gig with his wife, Willie Black on Bass and West side West on Drum's and Bert Mell on Guitar,Queen Iretta was dynamic enough to do a full show alone at Lee's Unleaded Blues - One of the best Blues Clubs in Chicago!  That's when she and everyone else knew that she had the talent to bring it! 

“Remembering back on my childhood at 8 years old, in the south Blues was always played at my grandma’s house.  The first Blues tune I learned was the Koko Taylor hit “Wang Dang Doodle” and I still love performing it today. “

After years of running around Chicago, Johnie B.and Queen Iretta wanted better for the kids, and moved to Minnesota.   Things really picked up for the blues couple, as they played lots of Blues Duets as well as with a full band.  They got to perform at Famous Dave’s Blues Saloon, but there were many, many gigs - They also played Wisconsin casino's, and Festivals.As 2016 rolled around and they made the move to Jackson Mississippi.  That’s where they added The Juke Joint Festival, The Merridain Festival, The Bentonia festival, and The Mounds Day Festival.  Performances at Ground Zero in Clarksdale on a regular rotation, as well as New Orleans LA., too.   

A modern-day Ike and Tina, - Queen Iretta and Johnie B are a high energy blues Act, - whether as a duo or a full band.  They have their own style of delivering music, everywhere they play, and are often asked back, or to sit in with other Blues Artists, in Chicago.  Queen Iretta has sang on stage with people like westside Mary Lane, Willie Dee, and Linsey Alexzander,

Since they have been here in Mississippi (back home for Ms. Iretta), They has had the pleasure to meet other Mississippi entertainers, sat in with Dexter Allen, Dwayne Burnside, Sherman Dillon, Dorothy Moore. Betty Sunshine McGhee, Jimmy duck Holmes, Roosevelt Roberts just to name a few who welcomed her and Johnie B. with open arms.   Years and dedicated hard work and paying her dues, so much help from husband Johnie B.Sanders and his deep love for the music still keeps Iretta dreaming of that bigger stage, and wanting to sing all over the United States and other international cities and countries  like Paris, France, Germany ,Mexico, Europe, Japan and Spain.

“With this blazing energy,We have as a team you will want to see more and more of!Thank you to all who have worked hard to help contribute to our Blues sound and performance style!This is our life line,And still a journey…,And thank you most of all, Fans.Much Love Peace and Blues!!!!Johnie B.& Queen Iretta Sanders!

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J.B.S/Listbaby Email Book



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